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M. Paul Keeble

M. Paul Keeble


Paul was admitted to the Bar of Ontario in 1985 where his practice was largely insurance defence/negligence-based with particular emphasis on product liability work.  Moving to the Turks and Caicos Islands in 1993 as those Islands first specialist litigator, and to the Cayman Islands in 2006, Paul has some 25 years of experience in these British Caribbean territories and appearances at all levels of the Cayman Islands’ Courts.

Paul’s practice encompasses a wide range of commercial and civil litigation, with particular emphasis on estates matters, shareholder disputes, insolvency, and insurance defence litigation including medical malpractice defence work.  He is mechanically minded and has a broad knowledge of medical matters, and takes a particular interest in medical, engineering, mechanical and construction matters.

His approach to litigation informed by his experience, is a conservative one, with the goal being to achieve the client’s goals in the most economic and cost-effective manner, and avoiding where possible protracted and expensive litigation. He has a longstanding and close professional relationship with London chambers which he and the firm draw upon in their commitment to providing the firm’s clients with the best and most accurate legal advice.

Paul prides himself in providing a high level of service and responsiveness to his clients, with a rapid turnaround time on the provision of advice and representation.

Paul’s typical clients within the Cayman Islands include Saxon Motor & General Insurance Company Limited, British Caymanian Insurance Company Limited, Fidelity Insurance Company Limited, Royal Star Assurance Limited, Caribbean Alliance Insurance Limited, the Medical Protection Society and the Medical Professional Liability Company Limited.

Paul has been appointed from time to time as legal advisor to the Cayman Islands Medical and Dental Council.

His more recent reported cases include:

  • Hewitt v. Rivers2013 (2) CILR 262 (Smellie CJ) and (2) CILR 388 (CA) – Election petition challenge
  • Hewitt v. Rivers2015 (1) CILR N7 (Smellie CJ) – Costs of election petition
  • Woods v. Thompson2016 (2) CILR 1 (Mangatal J) application to strike joinder of insurer as party defendant
  • Porter-Shirley v. Whittaker2016 (1) CILR 140 (Smellie CJ) – circumstances under which legal professional privilege is waived

Paul is an aficionado of Latino culture and music and speaks conversational Spanish and is endeavouring to improve his facility in that language.

Education and Experience

1985 – Admitted as Attorney-at-Law in Ontario, Canada (non-practicing)
1993 – Admitted as Attorney-at-Law in the Turks and Caicos Islands (non-practicing)
2007 – Admitted as Attorney-at-Law of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands.
2010 – Joined Hampson and Company

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Tel: (345) 623-7788


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