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At Hampson and Company we have developed various researched articles on a number of subjects and issues that frequently arise in litigation.  Please contact us for our articles which include the following subjects.

Litigation cost awards in the Cayman Islands

Security for costs in the Cayman Islands

Mareva injunctions in the Cayman Islands

Enforcing foreign judgments and arbitral awards in the Cayman Islands

Shareholders’ rights and remedies in the Cayman Islands

The liability of directors in a Cayman insolvency

Avoidance provisions under Cayman Islands law

The protection and disclosure of confidential information in the Cayman Islands

Listed below are links to a number of useful websites:

Cayman Islands Judicial Website: http://www.caymanjudicial-legalinfo.ky

The Cayman Gazette:http://www.gazettes.gov.ky

The Privy Council: http://www.jcpc.gov.uk

The Cayman Islands Government: http://www.gov.ky

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority: http://www.cimoney.com.ky

Cayman Finance: http://www.caymanfinance.gov.ky