HAMPSON and COmpany

Attorneys at Law

Hampson and Company is a well-regarded, boutique law firm in the Cayman Islands. We specialise in civil and criminal litigation.

Our two senior attorneys, Graham Hampson and Paul Keeble, have nearly 60 years of combined litigation and courtroom experience. Our track record is proven.

Our approach to litigation focuses on identifying your requirements, and working with you to find an economically viable result.

At Hampson and Company we try to avoid expensive litigation and our priority is the skilled resolution of disputes. However, if principled resolution by negotiation isn’t possible, we will escort you through the complexities and strategic nuances of court proceedings. 

You will benefit from our many years of advocacy and trial experience.  Graham Hampson has appeared in many cases, a number of which are reported in the Cayman Islands Law Reports.


We realize that dispute resolution and court proceedings can be a lengthy and stressful experience for our clients. We are determined to achieve results as quickly as possible for you.

We will endeavour to keep you informed. You will take comfort in understanding an agreed litigation strategy and knowing the status of your case. You will be informed of the next step along the way and importantly you will know what the process is likely to cost.

Our experienced and candid approach ensures that you avoid litigation that is not economic or is unlikely to produce a desired result.

Cayman Islands law has evolved as rapidly as its meteoric development as an offshore centre. Nevertheless our jurisprudence still draws heavily on UK law and precedent.  In cases of complexity, pressing importance or high value, we may consult with UK lawyers who are specialists in the particular field of dispute. We have a tried and tested portfolio of relationships with leading counsel. We will happily draw on their specialized knowledge and their research facilities for you. 

Hampson and Company attorneys are available to provide advice and representation before any Cayman Islands court or tribunal, at any stage of the proceedings.